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Air Purification Systems

Editor's note: Micron size..... Micron = .001 Millimeters which resemble the size of a sharpened pencil point.

Most dust particles that can be lung damaging to our birds range in the .03-.09 micron range. This means they are small enough for our birds to inhale, but too large to exhale.

Most purifiers catch larger dust particles and pull them through a series of filters, reducing them to a safer size of under .03 microns. A hepa filter comes with a 3 stage filtration System . First a pleated filter that catches the larger particles in the air, then they pass through a carbon filter, and a final filter before passing it out again.

The type of filter you need to look for is a TRUE HEPA FILTER. NOT "like a hepa filter" These units can be noisy,so in order for you to have one that is quieter, get a larger unit then the room size recommendations and keep it on the low speed. The air exchange that will be listed on the boxes are for filters run at HIGH speed. Meaning if your room is 9x10,and you purchase a filter for a room size of 9x10, you will have to run it on high speed continuously. If you get one that is recommended for a 12x15 room, you can run it on low, and it is doing its job more proficiently.

You do not want a filer with Ozone....OZONE is harmful and irritating to the respiratory tract. You do not want one with an Ionizer. The major concern is that the Ionizer weighs down the dust particle, and if the dust particle contains a micro bacterial organism on it, it can be inhaled, and then stuck to the respiratory wall thus leading to Aspergillosis. Most units have built in ironizers. You need to purchase one with a seperate button to work this feature to keep the ionizer off. The Ultra violet sterilization addition to the air filter unit is acceptable when run in conjunction with the Hepa filter.

The Hepa filter you should purchase should read 2-8 air exchanges per hour ( greater than 400 (CFM) cubic feet per minute)

Hepa filters should be changed when recommended. However, not all 3 will need to be changed at the same time.

I have 3 Hepa filters, all purchased from Sears. The last one I bought on sale was $89 and I am very happy with it. It is located directly under my greys cage.((where he cant reach it)) and have had no ill effects. I have enclosed a page for you to research all about the different purifiers available. Click to compare air purifers