The Grey Roost



Ajax and I live in richmond bc (near vancouver for those of you guys not farmiliar with british columbia)

we (bf and i) bought Ajax from a breeder in Calgary Alberta. According to him he was in "perfect" health so we both decided to go ahead and wire transfer him the money . he shipped ajax via west jet. Anywho when we drove home from the airport I quickly took him out and put him into his new cage to leave him be for a few days so he gets to the hang of things. To my astonishment he was missing half of one of his toes A week went by and we took him to Dr Mcdonald who is an avian specialist.

To her observation Ajax had a few problems
1. under weight
2. his toes... they had some sort of trauma to them
3. his breeders hand was on too tight
So we had a lot of work done on Ajax... (poor little guy)

He had his band removed
Blood tests And had to be hand fed so he won't be at a dangerous weight we were also given ointment for his toes and antibiotics as well later on that day another toe nail fell off...

During this time we were both very stressed and worried about our little boy. Days went by and more toe tips and toe nails fell off. It's been over a month now and he only has 3 toe nails (one one foot) I'm not sure about nails turning color, but all of them seem to be turning white (they were black b4)


Everything seems to be going great now. Actually all his toes are healed when we first got him he wouldn't move much or eat much since his toe tips hurt. He's a happy boy and has maintained good weight 390 grams. He's making more noises and getting into trouble like pooping on mommy and daddy and making a mess everywhere he goes .Once in a blue moon he's a grumpy boy but i think it's cute.