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Diseases Of the Grey Parrot

One time when my vet was over for a fundraiser, my husband chose to pick her mind about why birds have survived thousands of years, but once we bring them into our homes, they get sick and die.

It was explained to us, that the reason some birds die quickly from a disease, and others will survive is because diseases originated from all over the world. When we imported birds, we also imported their diseases. The species that came from a certain part of the world, might build up a tolerance to the disease from their native land. However, birds that have never been confronted with that disease, often get sick quickly and succumb easier.

So now you know why certain species are more susceptible to different diseases.

Diseases are spread different ways. In this section I will try to compile the best information to help you understand the many diseases that can affect our grey parrots.

When our babies are sick, I always urge owners to read all they can so they are able to work along side their vets to get their babies well.
Instead of me trying to find the best of each article for you to read, I will find the best links, for you to get different views from many qualified people on each subject.

Only you can protect your flock from getting sick. One lazy move, or forgotten step, can wipe out your entire flock.