The Grey Roost

About The Webmaster

Emily is a caique and avian enthusiast. She shares her life with five parrots, including two black headed caiques, and formerly one african grey parrot, Mercy. (RIP baby girl) Emily has owned birds for five years and is dedicated to enriching their lives and learning more about them on a daily basis. Emily is certified with the AFA as a certified Aviculturist, having completed the class put forth by the AFA called 'The Fundamentals of Aviculture'. This is the first class in a series of rigerious classes that lead to becoming a certified aviculturist. She has also successfully become certified with PIJAC and recognized as being a certified avian specialist. Emily is a friend of Lisa's and is currently the webmaster for The Grey Roost, taking care of all things technical. Emily runs both the Caique Crazy Forums and Caique Crazy Informational Website , dedicated to those crazy caique parrots.