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The following items are those which are important to have on hand in the event of an unfortunate emergency which
(1) does not necessarily require immediate veterinary assistance or
(2) may assist while on route to the vet.

Please note that these items are not listed in lieu of seeking medical care; if your bird needs immediate veterinary care, PLEASE seek same without hesitation.

Kwik Stop: this is great for toenails or broken blood feathers; however, KWIC STOP OR ANY OTHER AVIAN STIPTIC PRODUCT SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO SKIN(it stings)

Corn starch/ flour : to help stop bleeding and can be applied to the skin; however, remember that it is a food product and will grow bacteria. Once you are certain the bleeding has stopped and the blood has clotted, it should be rinsed thoroughly.

Neopsporin: this is a great way ward off infection with a small wound. If the wound is not one that requires vet care, a very small amound of Neosporin applied for about five days is helpful. Cream over ointment, as the ointment will stain feathers.

Vet wrap: you must be careful using this product so as not to wrap the wound (for instance, a toe or foot) too tight. This can cause more damage than good, but is great if the bird is picking at the wound.

Silvadine:This is used to force wounds to heal and to seal burns

Latex gloves: to keep your germs off of a sick bird and vice versa

Aviaeye/skin wash: to rinse out wound or eye

avian antiseptic swabs: to seal and clean wound

Avian antiseptic towelettes: to clean a wound

cotton swabs: to clean out areas around the vent, mouth and eyes

betadyne: To clean a wound. Especially good if added to warm water to soak a sore foot or toe injury. Also good for cleaning HUMAN wounds.

ace bandages: to protect YOUR arms

gram scale: to chart the progress of a birds weight.

Ceramic heat lamp: to keep a sick bird warm

Emergency vet information: Keep all vets within one hour and at least 2 avian vets.

Bird's Medical records: Take them with you to the vet

Heating pad: to heat an ICU as a bird convalesces

Mini flash light: to look down throats and in the vents

Tweezers: to remove splinters

Wire cutters: to remove O rings and chains

Instant Ounces: to add calories to sick and recovering birds diets

Parafin wax: to pack a blood feather

Bar of Ivory Soap: for nail and beak breaks to stop bleeding

Aloe leaves - for wounds

Liquid Bandaid - not for use on skin, but on wound that have clotted to help them remain sealed, such as a beak

Carrier for emergency vet visits

Credit card or cash in the event of the necessity of an emergency visit

Pedialyte : for dehydration (Please note that if you feel you bird is dehydrated, you really need to seek medical care)

Towel : just for your bird

Organic Baby foods: such as squash, banana, apple(no meats) in the event of a broken beak.

A syringe for hand feeding in an emergency.