The Grey Roost



Kona was hatched on March 30th, 2006. Im not 100% sure if she was hatched without toes or if the parents got them off in the nest box within the first couple days of hatch.

In March I was told by a friend that she had a baby grey with no toes that she wanted me to meet. I didnít think nothing of it then until I met a friend on a board that has a cockatoo with no toes at all. Once I got back from vacation in June I went into the Bird Hut where she works and there she was. I fell in love with her. She had a personality and despite a couple of changes in the cage she was in at the bird hut (a bigger natural wood perch) she seemed to get around great.

I put the down payment on her and in July I brought the beautiful grey home. I was going to put her in a smaller cage at first, but at the advice of my friend who has the toeless cockatoo I went ahead and got bigger then I had planned. I got her a 32"x23"x66" Play Top, I wanted to go bigger but wasnt sure how she would handle that.

Ill put it this way. I should of went bigger. She gets all over that cage, every place a regular bird would go she goes. I was nervous when I first got her that I wasnt going to do the best she needed. She has bottlebrush perches in there that are conure sized and grips those just fine. She also has a ladder in there that I put horizontal infront of her food and water and she uses that as her perch. Im going to get some 2x6 pine and use those as some perches as well just for a little more comfort.

She is only 5 months old, but let me tell you. You would never know she was disabled. Parrots with no toes get around just great. It might take them just a little bit longer, but in the long run they are great. They have something else that makes them a little bit special.