The Grey Roost

Nutritional Needs

An African Grey should be fed a staple diet of a good pelleted formula and a fortified parrot seed diet. Pelleted diets are often recommended since the pellets are thought to be a complete and balanced nutrition. There are several pellets geared towards Greys. A new Species Specific seed mixture for greys will be available shortly from overseas. With that said, I feed a mixture of several pellets and varied seeds, nuts and dried fruits.

Besides a pelleted and seed mix diet, their diet and daily offerings should include vegetables, fresh fruits, cooked rices, cooked pastas, and properly cooked beans can also be offered. Eggs are a big hit in my home, though only offered once a week because of cholesterol concerns. Fresh/cooked foods should not be left out to spoil, and should be removed from the cages or play areas no longer than 2 hours. Eating fruits will produce more of a watery dropping, and should not cause alarm. Refer back to Poopology for more on the subject. Generally the rule is, if itís good for you, its good for them.

The List of No-No's for parrots of all kinds include
No products containing caffeine should be offered to your grey, including but not limited to coffee, tea, cola drinks.

Chocolate is digested differently in birds, and other pets, than it is in humans, and the resultant digested products are toxic. Bittersweet, baker's chocolate and dark chocolates are more toxic than milk chocolate. Signs of chocolate toxicosis may include hyperactivity, disorientation, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, seizures,and death.

The skin, meat and pit contain toxins. Sugary or salty snacks
Excessive consumption of salt can cause increased thirst, increased water consumption, increased urination, depression, neurological excitement, tremors, incoordination and death.

Milk Products
Our birds lack the digestive enzyme lactase, and therefore can not digest milk product containing Lactose

Raw Onions
Small amounts of onions used in cooking are probably not dangerous, but be advised that there might be a problem. There arent alot of studies of onions and birds to date.

Alcoholic beverages can lead to incoordination and death. It is not cute nor funny to allow your parrot to consume anything that contains Alcohol.

Some seeds and pits may be toxic to birds.
It is safest to remove all seeds from the following before offering it to your grey.
Apple seeds contain cyanide. Cherries, plums, apricots and peaches are safe to feed, but also contain harmful pits.