The Grey Roost

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On May 27th 2007 My Rudy (African grey) ventured onto the back porch. Someone did not close the door all the way. Something scared him and he was flying back to his cage and as he did, I opened the Garage door to come in and there he went over my head and out the door. I yelled for him. Running down the street after him. After I could not see him anymore I got in my truck and went all over the neighborhood looking and talking to anyone that would hear me. My Husband and I must have spent 4 days straight days outside calling him. Traipsing through the woods where I contracted lymes disease. But, that did not stop me. Never realizing how many wooded areas there are in this area. Take a minute and look you will be surprised. Then we worked on putting up flyers. There are flyers everywhere. I also mailed flyers to every vet, pet shop, shelter and police station in the state of New Jersey. Flyers are the biggest asset when looking for your bird I think. Except you are opening a window to let people that have nothing better to do than to ďPRANKĒ You and send you on wild goose chases or rip them down. These people are crewel and heartless. Not to mention the emotional strain it puts on you.

After the Flyers we worked on the Internet. Craigslist, parrot alert 911,Lost and pound, pets 911, petfinder,, Bird board, Hugs for Homeless. This is where you realize that you are not alone. There are a lot of birds lost out there. This is where my mind got blown away. I would have never thought for one minute that there are a lot lost birds out there. You do not realize this until you have lost one yourself. We also went to the Press to put several adís in the paper for his return.

The Internet has also given me a gift. The ability to find help. Help and support is key when you are looking for your bird. You can learn a lot from other people that have gone through what you are going through. You can vent and cry and someone outside your family will help pick you up not to mention understand.

I have a wonderful family a great support system, but the hardest times for me are when there is nothing to go on. I feel I am failing my baby, like I have abandoned him. It is just like where do I go? What do I do? Where do I look? He could be anywhere. Ok, here we go. You have flyers up. You have him allover the Internet. Now the phone calls come in. You run from call to call. Real or not hoping to find your bird.

So one night we get several prank call then we get a call from a women 1 mile away. There is a bird on her roof that said hello to her. She had to run to the corner to get the phone number to call. She did. We scoured the area looking for this bird. Could not find it. Itís now dark out. We figured we would go home and get an early start in the morning. We pull in the driveway and get another call from my mother that she has Rudy but he is up in a tree. Two blocks from our house. We get over there. Finally get the bird out of the tree. Bring him home. Put Rudy in his cage. Gave him some alone time to settle in. Looked at him and you will never guess. It is not our Rudy. How could this be? 2 blocks from my home and it is not him?

So now we are looking for Rudy and we are looking for this birdís home. The owner found us after a week.

Then we get a call from jersey shore animal shelter. There is a found African grey in Brick. After several phone calls I located this bird went to get him and guess what it is not Rudy either. He has been living with us since June. We called the State Game and Wildlife did not get the answer we hoped. Not registered. If you find a banded bird this is the first place to call. If the bird is registered they know who the owner is. We are looking for the owners.

Now there is a third bird.He is banded and we called the leg band company to find out it was a ďBULKĒ band and that there was hundreds of band with that number on it. OK Last resort we take him to the vet to find out if he is chipped well he is! Yeah we thought. Well, No. All numbers are unlisted and address no longer exists. So now the police are involved they are looking up the driverís license number. Apparently when you are micro chipping you have to give your driverís license. So here is something interesting for all of you. THIS BIRD WAS REPORTED MISSING 7 Ĺ years ago. So to all of you who know someone who has lost a bird share that little tid bit it should restore your hope and give you some encouragement.

So now what? I have a birds we cannot find the owners of and I cannot find Rudy.

My Rudy is out there. He most likely went to someone. Be kind to him. He is a Sweet Loving bird. He is loved and desperately missed. This is the most painful thing is the not knowing. Not knowing if he is Hurt,Happy,Healthy, Alone, Scared and so on. Nothing or no one will ever replace or fill the hole in my heart.
Thank you for listening to my story. Never give up looking. Cause you never know.
Rudy will be in my arms one day. I know it.