The Grey Roost



Sylvain, like Emma, has a crooked spine and neck from being born calcium deficient... he also had one of his legs broken in the nest at the time he was pulled. That leg was allowed to fuse as is, so it's a little weak and misshapen...his grip when perching is not very solid, and at least one toe doesn't work right. Though he was partially clipped when I got him at 14 weeks, he could fly, and flew well for several months prior to a series of falls that broke the primaries on one wing. I have been waiting for those feathers to come back in, but he has chewed or fallen and broken the emerging blood feathers for a year now. So he remains off balance and without flight for now. I honestly feel a handicapped baby like him with weak feet should have never even received a slight clip, he needed those wings..I fought on his behalf, but the breeder would only compromise slightly and here's where we are today.

Sylvain, that boy named Sue, is now past a year and a half and is a wonderful guy! He has grown up to be a very affectionate bird who loves for me to give him beakrubs and kisses and though he has his weak feet and crooked body, he loves to hang upside down and ferociously battle bells! He is a big whistler and is working on talking to a lesser favorite is that he likes to say 'grey grey grey' (also 'grey grey bird' and 'grey bird grey'...never says Sylvain of course). Sometimes he'll yell it too, like 'GREY GREY GREY GREY GREY!' while bobbing his head up and down on top of his cage, lol!

But he sure doesn't think he's disabled...he's a very happy grey, and loves to hang by one foot and battle toys, and if he falls he knows he just has to walk over to his ladder and climb back up on his cage. He can't tuck his head under his wing when he sleeps, so it hangs down...but he likes to sleep on a corner platform or on a figure 8 soft rope swing, and have me tuck him in and wake him up with beak rubs. Often he perches on a branch with part of his sisal boing wrapped around one foot for support. I would say my other baby grey Nigel is more adventurous and active, but Sylvain is no slouch! And boy does he love to vocalize! He is a character and a great bird.