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The story of Tonka
I have had her since she was a baby. I weaned her, fledged her. She was cliped for several years, the I was turned onto this recall training group. I let her flights grow in & had been training her (clicker training) until all flight were in. We then started small flights indoors. She was an apt pupil; so much so that she was flying to me on recall no matter where I was in the house. Horizontals, verticals, you name it she did it. After about a year of this (oh by the weigh I weighed her every day, sometimes twice a day) She loved cashews & would do anything for them. I decided to take the big step & work her outside under the canopy of trees. She was doing quite well, 25 foot recalls over a 10 day period.

The day I lost her I will never forget. July 1st 2007, we had been working outside, it was starting to get windy so I called her in to what was to be the last call of the day then in the house. Well it was the last call. She was flying to my arm about 2 inches above it & the wind pushed her past me. She turned around & was flying back to me, but she then was flying into a head wind & couldn't manage. She circled twice then flew off over the trees out of sight. I grabbed my binoculars went in the direction she flew, but was unsuccessful.

Posted on boards posters all over in the paper, radio, no luck.

I have since gotten a male grey named little man shasta. He is so sweet, He's not afraid of anything, very well adjusted; even trusts my blue & gold kilo. I don't!

I hope this story might touch the person whom has Tonka. I believe she has been found in the Hammonton New Jersey area. She is sorely missed, nothing or no one will ever replace Tonka. If by some remote chance the peson has it in there heart, please know Tonka was a well trained bird & a much more loved bird.